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Best Monster Mule Deer

Want a Monster Mule Deer? Look at our pictures! Talk to our references! You will hunt with Dakota Trophy for your Monster Mule Deer!

Wyoming and Montana have long been a favored destination for hunters searching for trophy Mule Deer and Whitetail. Every year 1000s of hunters drive through South Dakota on their way to hunt Mule Deer, Whitetail and antelope. In Wyoming and Montana, thinking only of Pheasant hunting and Geese pits as they travel through our beautiful state.

While we have excellent Pheasant and Grouse hunting we are better known as a Top Shelf Trophy Mule Deer and Whitetail Outfitter producing huge bucks for our clients year after year.

The river breaks of the Cheyenne and Belle Fourche rivers and their lesser tributaries are the hunting grounds for Dakota Trophy Hunters and managed exclusively for huge old bucks.


trophy bucks
Monster Mule Deer
trophy bucks
Young hunters welcome
Repeat Clients
100% + success rate
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"The best kept secret of hunting in the west"

  • We have more trophy bucks per square mile than anywhere else -period!
  • We produce big bucks from 160 - 210.

  • We only harvest those old bucks who have reached their full maturity.

  • We hunt 170,000 arces of private land, owned and operated by our rancher/guides!

We have been in business since 1965 (through good years and bad, we've produced outstanding trophies for over 44 years! Our success rates are not AMONG the highest in the business -they ARE THE HIGHEST! Quite simply -we are the best.

Who else can claim 100%+ success year in and year out?!  With us you can harvest multiple bucks in a single season, in one state, one camp, one camp and with one guide!  We have numerous hunters take both Mule Deer and Whitetail while others opt to hunt Whitetail exclusively, often times a hunter might take 3 or 4 trophy Whitetail!

You can book a straight Mule Deer hunt, Whitetail hunt, or a Mule Deer/Whitetail combo hunt and harvest a 2nd and 3rd buck for a trophy fee.

We offer the highest success on the biggest bucks anywhere!

With us you won't even stop to glass young bucks that many guides would try to get you to shoot.  We know if you shoot a small buck, he'll never get any bigger.

If you're tired of hunting in Wyoming or Montana and having your guide try to get you to shoot that young buck, give us a call.  We won't let you shoot that young buck.  We don't need to because we have big mature bucks for you, and the reason we do is because we won't let you shoot him before he is mature.

Call our long list of references, call several or call all of them.  See our testimonials page and call for a reference list today.  We are proud of our reputation and proud of our repeat clients.

We have had several clients who have hunted with us almost every year.  One gentleman holds the record of 25 years. Congratulations Doug! 

Lowell had been with us 17 years straight, never missed. (RIP 2011) Clarence, Bud and Fran have hunted here since 1997 almost continuously.  Bobby D -a 12 year running client and so many more I can't name them all.

Young Hunters and Ladies welcome! 

We've had people on oxygen, bad knees or hips are common, even clients confined to a chair can and will take their trophy. We'll even take you if you are a marathon runner or a world class athlete.

All of our guides are the ranchers whose ranch you will be hunting.  They know their ranch like you know the inside of your office.  They make their living on the ranch everyday of every year.  No, you won't be guided by a so-called professional guide that just hired on for the hunting season and has never been on the ranch before!

Everyone Call the references, book the hunt -you'll be glad you did!

Looking for a Monster Muley?
Call Tom at (605) 798-2116wants to know what the size of our deer is?  What am I calling Trophy Class Bucks?

  • We consider a buck mature at 4.5 years of age, 90% of our bucks harvested will be 4.5 or older.  Many in the 5-7 year range.
  • Our bucks will score between 160 - 190 with low 170 being the average year in and year out!

In 2007 we had 7 bucks between 180-190 and 2 more over 190, the biggest hit 194 gross, 6 over 30" with and average mid 170s. In '08 we had a year of great width, 5 bucks went over the magical 30" mark with the widest stretching the tape to 34.5", overall average for '08 was 27" and 171 average on 42 Mule Deer.

In '09 we had a terrible winter and even worse blizzards in the spring, resulting in heavy loss to the cattle herds. Thus our width was down some, we only had 1 buck go over 30", but the antler growth was the best in years. We had 8 bucks between 28 - 30" and the best overall average on high deep forked bucks with a lot of cheaters and trash that we've had in my lifetime.

In 2010, we had a tougher than normal winter, but the deer came through in good condition. 2011 brought us over 100% success. As of January 1st, we have had the most mild winter in recent memory.

We are expecting the deer to come out of the winter in the best shape in many years for the 2012 season.

If the Good Lord gives the moisture, the food plots grow, the sun shines and wind blows we will have several bucks on our place alone just for you.

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