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South Dakota Trophy Deer Hunts

As a guest of Dakota Trophy Hunt, more than 140,000 acres of rugged country along the Belle Fourche and Cheyenne Rivers are reserved exclusively for you. The hills and draws of these river breaks provide abundant habitat for deer. Large numbers of Mule Deer range in the breaks, while Whitetail range on the bottom land.

During your hunt in this "deer country" you will not see any other hunters except those in your party. But you will see trophy deer every day and you will have opportunities to harvest.

The philosophy of Dakota Trophy Hunt is conservation of game. Therefore, we encourage you to shoot only a four point or better trophy buck (Western Count). We want to take only those bucks who have reached maturity and sport a true trophy class rack and thereby preserve a vigorous herd of deer so that year after year we can offer a trophy buck.

Methods of hunting will vary according to which rancher/guide you hunt with and terrain. We can accommodate anyone from the most vigorous mountain hiker to the physically handicapped sportsman.

Transportation to and from camp and one hunting area to another will be by four wheel drive pickup.

Dakota Trophy Hunt will take care of all your needs during your hunt. Three delicious meals will be served each day and hunters always rave about the food. If you are hunting some distance from the kitchen, you will take noon lunch with you. Your rancher/guide will have you back in camp in time for a steak or prime rib type of dinner at night.

At our hunting camp you will be housed in a heated ranch house with a shower and toilet. You will be provided with a cot where you can roll out your sleeping bag.

While hunting you will see numerous bucks and will have no problem scoring, if your rifle is zeroed in and you have practiced with it. Sight your rifle in for 100 or 200 yard shots, depending on what you are accustomed to.

Some hunters take their meat and heads home with them, however we will transport your deer to a local locker plant. We have an outstanding taxidermist available with reasonable rates. Many of our hunters use this option.

Some hunters choose to drive their own automobile to our camp while others fly into Rapid City to be picked up and taken back by Dakota Trophy Hunt.

Since our hunting facilities are limited, we book only the number of hunters that each rancher can fill with trophy bucks. We book early!

Mule Deer
We take about 80% Mule Deer hunters and 20% Whitetail hunters. You can expect to take a Mule Deer buck from 22"-30" in width at least 3.5 years old and usually older. The average width is 24". Most of our Mule Deer hunters will take their buck inside of 250 yards so a flat shooting rifle with some power is great! Practice!

Whitetail Deer
We have a more limited number of whitetail openings available and they fill very fast. Our Whitetail run from 17 to 24 inches wide with heavy horns on mature bucks.

Mule Deer or Whitetail Hunt
We also offer a 2 deer hunt 6 days in length with appropriate licenses. This is ideal for the hunter wanting a great opportunity to collect 2 trophies on one trip.

Hunting Season & License Info
In this part of South Dakota, the deer season usually opens the second Saturday of November. Hunts with Dakota Trophy Hunt are 4 or 6 days in length. Dakota Trophy Hunt will mail your applications and licensing information when they become available to us (usually in June). Deer licenses are issued by computer lottery by the South Dakota Department of Game, Fish and Parks.

Most asked questions on hunting with Dakota Trophy

How do I book a hunt?
To book a hunt we require a deposit upon booking and another deposit the 1st of May of the year to be hunted. Final payment is due upon arrival or 30 days prior to arrival. Deposits are nonrefundable after the second deposit, unless we can rebook your spot and secure the proper license and tag for your replacement. Any cancellations after September 1 the deposits are nonrefundable. Forwarding your booking to the following year will be considered on an individual basis. You will want to contact us early as we book up early most years and have some bookings as far as 2-3 years from now.

What kind of success can I expect?
Unless you are looking for a B&C head you can be assured of several chances at nice trophy animals. The rest is up to you.

What's the best rifle to bring?
Big deer can be tough, we recommend a .270 or larger rifle, but more important is accuracy. Practice with your gun and know exactly where it is shooting. Practice, practice, practice.

How do I get a license?
We will mail applications to everyone booked with instructions on units and types to apply for. We actually have several different drawings to work at.

What is your guarantee?
We guarantee 100% effort in assisting you to a trophy animal you will be proud of. We can't control weather, marksmanship, or luck, but we do guarantee you an opportunity at a 4 point on one side or better buck, or we will refund a portion of your fee.

Trophy Mule Deer & Whitetail
Hunt South Dakota to Discover....

  • More Trophy Class Bucks per square mile than anywhere on the continent
  • High success rates
  • Unprecedented hunter satisfaction since 1966

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